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Diamonds are a woman’s best friend and jewellery of all kinds comes right in that same neighbourhood. All women swoon over jewellery and it adds a sparkle to their eye.  UK based Reetika Puranik is no different. Now in her early thirties, she has always had a passion for collecting stylish pieces of jewellery and adding them to her personal wardrobe, whether it is traditional Indian jewellery for ethnic wear or western pieces to be teamed up with trendy outfits, she has them all. Reetika has worked as an accountant in various companies across different sectors. However, looking at her “obsession” towards jewellery as she puts it, her husband encouraged her to start up her own fashion jewellery business. The sheer idea of working for her own self further motivated her and “Divavi Pvt. Ltd” came into being in 2015.

“Divavi” means “Divine like image”. Through Divavi, Reetika offers exclusive and beautiful adornments which enrich the beauty of a woman with a variety of colours and select designs. Reetika explains that Divavi is about connecting with all aspects in a woman’s life and inspiring them to feel marvelous and confident. She does not see it as just a brand, but aims to motivate her customers to connect with their inner self, their inner Divas.

Reetika is extremely proud of the fact that she is a Mumpreneur (Mother + entrepreneur). Her productive day starts while her 4 year old son enjoys with his friends at the nursery. Her core business working hours are between 10 am to 5 pm, where she spends a fair amount of time on customer service, promoting Divavi, looking for growth opportunities, networking opportunities and learning further about the jewellery business. However, at a mental level she works 24×7, thinking of ways to reach out to her customers and to serve them with the most exclusive pieces of jewellery at an affordable price. Start-ups are addictive and Divavi is still in its transition period; Reetika understands that it will be sometime before it grows to find a sustainable place in the world of fashion jewellery and she is willing to put in the hard work needed for that.

Reetika lives in Aberdeen, the oil hub of UK and feels that staying there adds further complexity to the already key challenge of connecting with customers on a limited marketing budget. Divavi’s focus is to provide exclusive jewellery at an affordable price and Reetika is confident that her customers will like the products and variety she has to offer. She knows that the more customers Divavi can connect with and retain, the stronger its branding will be. She firmly believes that even IMPOSSIBLE says “I’M POSSIBLE”. Apart from being active at social media marketing,BeFunky Collage2 SEO, blogging, YouTube channels, she also attends various exhibitions and events for Women Entrepreneurs that help her to promote Divavi. What shines through while talking to Reetika is her absolute confidence in Divavi and in her own self.

She is a great believer in networking and says that it has one of the biggest roles to play in a business. Therefore, she tries to attend as many seminars and events as she can to connect with people. She also displays her own stalls at various exhibitions and it is through these that she has received a great response and made many friends. She also has accounts on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc which help her interact with customers and spread the word for Divavi.

Immensely devoted and dedicated herself, Reetika has just one word of advice for other business owners: FOCUS! She insists that it is of utmost importance for one to focus both on their personal life and the core values and vision of their enterprise. Many times, early stage entrepreneurs jump at every chance they come across as a potential lead to their ultimate goal. However, many of these chances aren’t the right opportunities and are not properly aligned with the core values and vision of their business. She advises against such side-tracking. Reetika says that if BeFunky Collageentrepreneurs understand what differentiates their business from the others, and work on developing the strength of their business, then the business will definitely yield good returns.

Reetika has rock-solid faith in herself and so even in the most difficult of situations, she never stops believing in herself. She looks at failure in a most practical manner with a cool head- she says that difficult times are an outcome of something that she missed/ failed to analyze so she looks back to see where she might have faltered. She treats failure as learning and stepping stones towards success. Divavi may not be successful yet, but Reetika is very happy and positive about its success.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook has famously said “If you just work on stuff that you like and you’re passionate about, you don’t have to have a master plan with how things will play out”. Reetika relates to this quote totally and that explains why she is so confident about her venture. She is inspired by a lot of positive, talented and focused people in the world around her. Not only that, she is also inspired by her own failures which have helped her feel the pain of losing and the importance of success. It goes without saying that a focused business woman like Reetika will have a clear-cut philosophy that guides her. Her confidence dazzles as much as her jewellery collection. “Success will not come and find you, you have to go out and get it; don’t give up, learn from your mistakes and prepare yourself for the big day when you can look back and see the number of steps that led you to this pinnacle”, she says with conviction as she signs off.

You can find Divavi on:

Twitter:   Divavi @DivaviForDivas
Facebook Fanpage: DivaviForDivas & Divavi Pvt Ltd

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Kritika Mansingh is a Business Management Graduate and a Post Graduate in Advertising & Communication. She started her career as a TV production executive at BAG Films and Interactive Television before joining Director Pradeep Sarkar’s Apocalypso Filmworks as production controller in the year 2000. Two years later, she gave up TV production altogether to start her family and discovered her calling as an Early Childhood Educator. She worked as facilitator cum co-ordinator of the Primary Wing at CSKM Public School, New Delhi (2004-2007). She then moved to her hometown Haridwar along with her husband (an educationist and photographer) to realize a long standing shared dream of setting up a quality education facility for small children and thus was born Roots Brightstart Early Learning Center. Kritika has been running the school since its inception in 2008. While guiding children to extend their boundaries, she herself has successfully completed her Masters in Sociology and is planning to enroll for another one in Education now. She loves to write, read and unwind with music. She also helps manage her husband’s photography exhibitions and sales.