Charmaine Kenita Rathish – From Homeopathy to starting a boutique writing firm!


And, when you want something so bad, all the universe conspires to make it happen”–Paulo Coelho

Charmaine Kenita Rathish is a Homeopath by profession, brought up in Belgaum. Two decades ago, opportunities for art & design (her main interests) were just opening up. Like everyone else, Medicine & Engineering were the only two reliable options. She chose medicine because human anatomy fascinated her, and maths was quite an aversion.

She worked in various capacities as a doctor in her hometown, followed by a work stint at Baksons Homeopathy chain of clinics in Bangalore. Thereafter she moved to a mediclaim insurance advisory role in Aviva and subsequently decided to explore her interest in art, painting & design by working with several art galleries, including a short work stint at the renowned designer, Julie Kagti’s clothing boutique. Post marriage, she decided to limit her travel due to health concerns and therefore was searching for freelance options. She came across a requirement for a freelance content writer with an ad agency, which happened to be content curation for niche restaurant/food review websites, Book-a-Table UK & Restaurant Guide UK.

Charmaine runs Out ‘O’ Box Content, a boutique writing firm based out of Bangalore. They Profile pic1conceptualize, curate and design content for brands and businesses across a wide variety of niches, predominantly in education, Interiors/decor, food/restaurants, fashion/lifestyle. The biggest challenge so far has been to move away from micromanaging every aspect of writing. Meticulous attention to detail is always what she promises, and it tends to show in the way she writes. She delivers content only when she feels it is on par with what she promises. This can sometimes mean delays and stress too. Although intense involvement is key to good productivity, she has also learnt that having street smartness is a bonus. Knowing when to get involved in and when to let go & the extent of it, has helped her to stay sane as she works on managing larger & more complex projects. She goes on further to say that if you are true to your word, deliver on your promise and ensure consistent quality in your work, clients will come to you. She does take the initiative of reaching out to some, although many of them have been friends & colleagues through the years. Once they are on board  & see the work they get, they themselves refer others.

Being a mum to a 4.5-year-old, her days are often uneventful and calm when deliverables are completed without any hassle, to days when everything is thrown out of gear and is essentially chaotic. Her workday typically starts at 9, once the kid is sent to school. She spends a couple of hours in the morning with work, meetings, skype calls, connecting with her writers. By noon, when the kid gets home, it is busy again till she gets to bed. Post dinner, it is work and occasionally ‘Me’ time she says. She works till late into the night on some of her own personal writing, random projects, blogs, writes non-fiction pieces and catches up on her reading. She is also working on developing content for her own parenting website, with focuses on issues that are still unexplored. She is also pursuing a couple of courses on the side, upgrading her skills, and that keeps her busy too.

Charmaine’s advice is to find a niche for yourself that is an extension of your passion, work diligently and work smart. It may take months or even years, but success always finds you. Never keep the money as the driver of growth. Always give value to any client no matter the budget. They will almost always bring more value to you. She draws her inspiration from her grandmother, who is no more. She was not well educated, but a fighter nevertheless, always taught her to question everything, to never limit herself.

Charmaine believes in letting her work speak for herself. The storified team wishes her all success in her future endeavors.

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