Chaitrali Sardesai – Meet the lady who is ready to “Charm” with her homemade goodies!


Here is the story of a woman who was always sure of what she wanted to do in life and ended up doing exactly that. This is one of those rare stories where you get to live the life you always dreamt about. 

Cake Jars!

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Chaitrali too wanted to do something on her own. Her father is a Chartered Accountant and successful businessman in the IT industry, while her mother has a quilting business of her own.  Chaitrali owns a home baking venture called ‘The Cake Charm’. Her venture specialises in maintaining a taste which is unique, has the vibe of a motherly and homemade environment, and is nowhere similar to the commercial bakeries.

Chaitrali had a very happy and ideal childhood. She grew up in a joint family in Pune where she did her schooling from St. Joseph High School and completed her B.Com degree from Symbiosis College.  For her post-graduation, she took up mass communication and journalism. However, being inspired by celebrity chef Rachel Allen, Chaitrali started this home venture where she strives towards maintaining perfection and focusing on the tiniest of details.  Her venture caters to the upper class and she bakes everything – from cakes, cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, and biscuits, to even cake jars.  Her husband, ShashankVenkat says, “She is one crazy baker!” Though the baking industry is highly competitive, Chaitrali claims to have faced no challenges.

But what if she comes across any? For we all know that no business is exempted from risks or challenges.

“Confidence, hard work, persistence, patience,d practice are the only ways to overcome challenges for home bakers like Me.” she says.  When faced with difficult times she believes in staying positive and keeping calm. “Every difficulty comes with a set of positive lessons, necessary for continuous learning!” She explains.  Scalability is another challenge she says as it can get quite hectic to juggle single-handedly between managing the business and thriving to complete the orders received; with paying detailed attention to every single one of them by never compromising on the quality; taste and customization of the product to meet the client requirements.

A Cake full of edible Roses!

Since this is a home venture show does she manage to bag clients and put her product out there?

Chaitrali said, “Building a good network and rapport with the clients, customising products for them with attention to the smallest details, maintaining the taste that they expect and of course word of mouth really helps. Social media marketing is a great medium too!”  Her  day is extremely busy and filled with orders from clients. Most of her day is spent in the kitchen or the icing room. She believes ‘Gratitude is the best Attitude’ and her aim is to never to compromise on the quality of the product, whatsoever.

If you happen to be in Pune, please do visit ‘The Cake Charm’ to tickle your taste buds. We wish Chaitrali all the very best for her future business plans and in turn hope that ‘The Cake Charm’ continues to charm the citizens of Pune for many years in the long run.


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