Rohini Mundra – From Corporate Banking to becoming an Independent Trainer for the Fortune 500s.


“What you seek is seeking you” – Rumi

To me it symbolises that there is nothing that is beyond our reach or nothing too big. The day we look for something, THAT something will find us.

Rohini has always believed that she is a seeker and has looked all over to find her calling. She started working when she was really young (in her school days) doing part time jobs and earning her own money. As she went on to college she began to realise that earning money was not impossible. She graduated from Christ University, Bengaluru with a Bachelors in Business Management and bagged her first corporate job in HSBC.

The Banking job did not give her satisfaction and that’s when she realised she was not in the field she wished to be. Subsequently, she began to experiment in different  industries, thereby trying to find where her passion lay.

She adds that she always loved being on stage – as a dancer, as a performer. So one day she got inspired to take all her learning from different industries and mix it together with what made her happy (stage) and thus found her true love.

Rohini is a natural at training, and after training for companies like Infosys, HP, Mindtree etc she was convinced she had found her calling. One fine day when doing the usual walking and talking with a friend, the inspiration of being an entrepreneur struck her. She was now ready to take that plunge and put everything at risk; she realised that it was now time to work on her own terms.7 Intelligence Private Limited was thus born with a simple vision of ‘following your passion and excelling at doing what you love doing.’

Rohini says ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ is now a daily ritual for her. She begins her day with one hour of exercise which keeps her going through the day. She beautifully says that variety is the spice of life – from spending a day training/speaking at Fortune 500 companies, to attending clients’ calls to managing work at office and checking off tasks that are on the list for the day. Evenings are strictly reserved for her loved ones- family and friends.


Rohini says that being a young speaker, it often became a huge challenge for her to convince clients that she doesn’t need to have grey hair to work with teams across the globe. She says being young is no reason why she can’t be an effective speaker. Another big challenge that she faced as an individual was never to mix business with emotions.

The first lesson that she learnt was that challenges will always be a part of life. While having the right attitude was necessary, her mentor- her mom, also always helped her see the path that was not visible to her. She adds that any challenge that she had with her business or with her life has had one sure shot source of relief to it -her Mom. She has always found her answers and her peace while seeking her advice at the proper time.

Rohini vouches for referrals saying that they work wonders. One of the  most effective ways to get new clients have always been referrals; there has been no other channel that has been stronger than this one.

Rohini is categorical when she says “Do what you are passionate about, and everything else will follow.”

Difficult times are a part of any and every venture one takes up. Whether personally or professionally, every time she feels she is losing her way she does one of the two things -she either asks herself why she started this in the first place or she reminds herself that at the end it will be better than what it is right now. Both of these cases make her calm and help her realise that everything will be better over a period of time. Without an ounce of hesitation, Rohini states that she draws her inspiration only from her Mother and no one else.

‘Creating experiences’ has always been her personal business philosophy.  Anything that she has done, she has believed that it needs to be memorable and an experience worth cherishing. We at, wish Rohini great success with her venture!

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