Arwa Turra – How she battled a postpartum depression through Art!


Whatever happens, happens for a reason. Time does change and situations change. Nothing is constant so be grounded and happy!

She might be a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a mother. She holds all these names close to her heart and does an impeccable job at being all those things. But, deeply embedded in the folds of all these facades is her very own identity; lost in the perils of everyday life. Women today can be anything they want to be but are often bound by social obligations and societal perceptions. Breaking all boundaries, Arwa Turra, mother of two and an interior designer by profession rekindled her connections with her deep love for the arts.

Arwa, the woman she was and who she became:

                Having settled in Jamaica, Arwa dedicated her entire life towards taking care of her daughter. While she was at it, she indulged in little DIYs to style her child’s wardrobe as well as jazz up her décor. After her second child, her postpartum depression phase lead her into a serious retrospection, where she realized that she has to be a lot more than what she was. Her inclination towards art was a driving force that directed her into pursuing her passion through stories. She started off by learning the basics of art through the internet, with whatever time she had in her hands. She weaves beautiful stories of happy women, those who are strong and independent. Having had an interest in fashion designing as well, Arwa builds these stories of women by dressing them up in bright flowers complemented with other art materials.i draw stories

Art can mean different things to different people. To Arwa, being associated with art is what leaves a smile on her face at the end of the day. Despite being a busy mother, she dedicates time towards pursuing her passion. She not only spends time making these stories but also attends and participates in arts events where she meets like-minded people and maintains good relationships in the network. Whatever be the itinerary for the day, her concepts keep running across her mind, which she later brings to life. This is a trait of a true artist at heart.

As a testimony of her dedication towards her interests, her artwork has been featured in two Jamaican daily prints and she has also appeared on live TV in a Jamaican national channel where she shares her thoughts in terms of art and her concepts of using vibrant flowers to create meaningful art. A simple Indian girl who grew up in the streets of Udaipur, with her, never say die attitude, overcame all the challenges that stood in front of her to build her career that brought her both personal and professional satisfaction.

Arwa Turra, a lover of art, reminds us to do what makes us happy and not to do anything for the sake of doing it. She strongly believes that everything that happens has a reason behind it and one must be happy with whatever they can make out of their life. She is motivated to continue her Rendez-Vous with art to create the world full of fragrant stories of women whose stories deserve to be heard, appreciated and remembered.

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