Aruna Agarwal – How a Qualified Child Psychologist turned into an Entrepreneur!!!


Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning.

It is not easy for someone with a home and family to look after to start and sustain their own business. But our featured lady, Aruna Agarwal has managed this feat in style. Aruna is a major in Child Psychology with a great affection for children. After marriage she got busy with marital duties & adjusting to a new city- Mumbai. Then her kids were born. Till her younger one was 3, she was as busy as any mom with young kids is, but after that she decided that it was time for her to do something about her career. With her qualifications and innate love for children, she realized that she should look at something that relates to both. It is only natural then that she chose Early Childhood Education as her vocation. Aruna discussed this with her in-laws and husband and they were all supportive about the same. Thus her new venture was born- Kiddie’s World under the franchise of Zee Learn (Kidzee).

Aruna took a franchise from Zee Learn and under their banner set up her Pre-school in 2002. They take kids from 1.5 years to 6 years. They have Day Care facility, Playgroup, Nursery, Jr. KG & Sr. KG. She now has two pre-schools running: Kidzee Powai and L&T. Aruna proudly states that she moulds the children’s future in the formative years and does not like to label it as business. It’s something she truly loves doing and enjoys. Her creativity gets wings when she is with kids and the passion to train each child for a better tomorrow is something which keeps her going.

Aruna’s day starts with rushing around getting her kids ready for college and school. She runs her  household errands and by 9 she steps out for her school. She is in the school till 4pm in the evening  but if they are doing any major events, then it goes on till late in the day as well. Once she is back home, she starts running household chores and attends to her kids before winding off her day.

Talking of challenges in the pre-school industry, Aruna recalls that with her first school, it was a smooth sailing affair as they had the first movers advantage on their side. But with the second school they had to face a lot of challenges. Competition from other pre-schools was of course a major challenge and there were several other challenges which every women entrepreneur generally faces, like funds etc and other day to day issues.

Aruna takes it all in her stride. She is happy to comment that when she sees satisfaction and a smile on the face of each parent it’s like a huge reward which she gets each day. This is what keeps her going despite all the roadblocks. Adding new skills and thinking out of the box, gives her a different perspective each time. This helps in breaking the monotonous feel and keeps her motivated and happy.

Aruna feels that word of mouth in this field is the most effective way to get more kids to her school. If you do good work, it automatically speaks for you.

As a piece of advice to other business owners, she tells them to be committed to their job and love what they do- just sticking to this can create wonders.

Aruna reveals that it is her hubby who is her inspiration and whenever times are tough, he is the one who helps her sail through the situations easily.

Aruna’s firm belief is that honesty is the best policy. One should be honest with their work and with one’s business associates as well. It goes a long way. Sometimes it does not give immediate results but in the long run it does pay. She believes that one needs to be committed to what they do, no matter how the situation is. The show must go on‼

We congratulate Aruna for the great job she is doing with the little ones at her pre-school and wish her all the very best for the future!

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Kritika Mansingh is a Business Management Graduate and a Post Graduate in Advertising & Communication. She started her career as a TV production executive at BAG Films and Interactive Television before joining Director Pradeep Sarkar’s Apocalypso Filmworks as production controller in the year 2000. Two years later, she gave up TV production altogether to start her family and discovered her calling as an Early Childhood Educator. She worked as facilitator cum co-ordinator of the Primary Wing at CSKM Public School, New Delhi (2004-2007). She then moved to her hometown Haridwar along with her husband (an educationist and photographer) to realize a long standing shared dream of setting up a quality education facility for small children and thus was born Roots Brightstart Early Learning Center. Kritika has been running the school since its inception in 2008. While guiding children to extend their boundaries, she herself has successfully completed her Masters in Sociology and is planning to enroll for another one in Education now. She loves to write, read and unwind with music. She also helps manage her husband’s photography exhibitions and sales.