Anshu Daga: Meet the lady who started her own HR training consultancy after a 15 year successful Corporate Career!


“Some people see things as they are and ask, Why? I see things as how they could be and ask, Why not?”

The Inner Startup, run by Anshu Daga, is a Human Resource/Training fielded company that ensures the smooth running of employee’s lives. With 15 years of corporate experience under her belt, Anshu got inspired to start this venture through the learning process that she went through while working for several organizations.

Her own passion to bring out her zeal out in the open and not let it get locked up due to the market around her got her to begin the Inner Startup to help others.

Since Anshu gets to work on her own, her creativity helps her get the best out of her potential for the ideas generated regarding the Inner Startup. She puts a lot of thought into the modules and training sessions to help tap the latent talent of the Middle Management employees of Corporate Setups.

The business model lies in the highly perspective thought that play is directly related to decreasing stress levels, thereby allowing people to come up with out-of-the-box thoughts for problem solving.

People need a break from taking themselves too seriously. When they are happy and relaxed, participants are at their receptive best. They are open to changing their minds, less likely to hanging onto hitherto pre-conceived notions. Thus, the ultimate takeaway of any facilitation module is the ability of the participants to accept and incorporate new ideas and applications into the existing systems.

The Inner Startup, run several modules that are customised to the end target consumer. They classify these modules under:

  • Healing Oneself through meditation and other integrated therapies
  • E-merge that are the corporate training modules using theatre and mindfulness
  • Rhythmic expressions that are the children mindfulness workshops focussed on enhancing emotional intelligence using theatre and role play.

These modules are highly effective as Anshu strongly believes in untapped abilities and the people’s capabilities. This is the USP of the Inner Startup, the unknown and unexplored talents that are yet to be shown to the world and they give it the much needed boost. Their modules aim at benefitting the individual by tapping hidden potentials and transforming lives.

With every new strategy, comes a wave of challenges. For Anshu, the main challenge was to maintain a perfect work-home balance and the fact that this is a new venture hence she navigates in unknown waters where the risk factor is relatively high.

She believes that one way to overcome challenges is to stay highly motivated and to never stop believing in oneself as those attributes were the firsts to get her some of her projects and the progress that she led herself to after that proved that her heart and mind were exactly where they were meant to be on this road to success.

With a defence background and as a true citizen, Anshu has seen herself crossing state borders every now and then, earning great experience as she also belonged to a rich heritage that resulted in a deep respect for social differences in people, their thoughts and their beliefs.

Leadership skills have been ingrained into her as she belonged to a defence background and throughout school life has she portrayed such a discipline earning her the position to lead the Cultural & Dramatics societies in college. Along with this, she’s always been a passionate tennis player and swimmer.

A day in the life of Anshu reside entirely to her son, her husband, her home and her passion for work. Her inspiration has been her mother, whom she also describes as her mentor and her guide.

Anshu’s business philosophy is “Creating happy communities by finding the source of happiness within.” Seek out your happiness with the help of Anshu and Inner Startup.