Some of the 5 Potential Offbeat Careers for Women!


“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less travelled by, And that has made all the difference.”

Robert Frost could not have said this any better, the fork in the road is a metaphor for a choice, the choice we as young adults have to make. People often make the mistake of taking the conventional option. There are other jobs around the world, that pay through the nose but don’t garner as much popularity as being a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer. If you are going to be stuck in the rat race might as well be stuck doing what you love. Is it possible to transform your passion into a full-time job? Yes, and I am going to give you examples on how you can make this happen. Your life is a book and you are the author, make every page count.

Scuba Diving:

For all those water babies out there, becoming a professional Scuba Diver can be an exciting career option. The opportunities are truly endless. all you need to do is be passionate. The projected job growth between 2014 – 2024 is said to be at 37%.

A professional scuba diver may work in a variety of commercial fields such as underwater repair, research photography, construction and exploration. Certification is mandatory and some fields may require additional credentials proof of proficiency. Another benefit of this profession is becoming a scuba diving instructor on the side.

Sports Therapist:

This one is for all those sports enthusiasts. Straying from the mainstream doctors, sports therapist is a very promising career. Projected job growth between 2014 – 2024 is said to be 35%. Educationally you require a bachelors degree with a course study in anatomy and biomechanics is required, along with state certification Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE) and a license.

This job allows you to work with athletes, very often your very own sports persons this is very often considered the cherry on top along with the massive paychecks.

Data Analyst:

This one is for all those geeks out there. I am well aware of people who find economics interesting, data analysts are required by every company. In fact, there are rumours that even Donald trump used data analysts to win the election. Projected job growth between 2014 – 2024 is said to be 19%. Bachelors degree in information technology (IT) or statistics, furthermore a Masters is also helpful.

This job is extremely interesting and will definitely not bore the life out of you, like traditional 9 to 5 jobs. It is in fact used in our everyday life without us knowing it. For example have you ever wondered why chocolates are kept next to sanitary napkins in supermarkets? It’s because demand for both is very often interdependent.

Pet Groomers:

This one is for all the animal lovers out there, technicalities involved in vets aren’t needed. It is an interesting and rewarding career for those affectionate about animals. Very often do I hear stories of animal lovers who pursue being a vet and very often do I hear stories about how those same people give up because of the level of education required. Projected job growth between 2014 – 2024 is said to be 11%

Many people in this field have learned their skills through on-the-job training. Experience, more than formal training, is often considered the most important factor when customers are choosing a pet groomer. This job allows you to have the best of both worlds being surrounded by pets and showered with money.

Food Critic:

This one is for all those foodies whose love for food and writing complement each other. Love eating? open a blog and write about it because this field required you to be proactive. Projected job growth between 2014 – 2024 is said to be 5%. Educationally you require a bachelors degree in English, communication, journalism or other related fields. Writing ability must be par excellence and must be objective.

This job is interesting and challenging at the same time. You can freelance or work for a magazine, newspaper, etc.

If waking up in the morning feels like a bore, then it’s time for you to switch things up and get the jobs that are meant for you. Everyone has something that gives us individuality. What makes you different? It’s your passion. Go after it and live life the way it was meant to be.

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