Mira Erda: Meet India’s first and only Kart Racer who started her journey in Motorsports at the age of 9!

Mira Erda
“Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing”
This post is a story of a little girl who fell in love with a helmet and a gas pedal – Mira Erda. At an age where children normally struggle with trigonometry,  Mira was introduced to Motorsports by her father at a tender age of 9. But, Mira was far from normal as she drifted more to the exhilarating and adrenaline rush inducing world of motor-racing.
‘Motorsports is something which excites me. It’s all about racing and pushing the machines to their sheer limit and only then one can experience the rage of adrenaline rush and the speed. Racing on different tracks is all we do during the year. It does take a certain amount of hard work with maximum efforts and constant self- motivation throughout the year to get the best results ‘ said Mira
Mira being the hard-worker she is ,jumbles through schooling and motor racing and is in-fact part of her daily ritual. On a regular day, she quips through 8 rigorous hours of schooling and then she sweats it out at the gym for straight two hours and the remaining hours are to study at night. This, cycle or motorcycle I should say continues. Her determination coupled with dedication is inspiring in it’s truest sense. She is someone to look upto for people who find it hard to move their blankets away and leave their beds including me.
Her biggest challenge currently,  is to maintain herself physically. “It is quite challenging to maintain a steady level of stamina and strength.  I have to constantly push myself to the limit to increase my level of fitness . The last few laps during the race are always crucial which requires high intensive stamina and core -strength,” asserts Mira.
When asked how does she overcome this challenges,  she simply replied ” I always self motivate myself. I have faith in my goals and my abilities. So I make sure other things never affect my performance. I have always been focused on my stuff”.
She had a simple childhood like every kid. But,she knew that she was unconventional in a lot of other ways. Her father owned a racing track at Vadodara . She always got excited whenever the topic of cars and speed was brought up. She loved going on long drives with her father and her brother.
Also, if you’re wondering, she has achieved all of it at a very young age. This article presently, is still about a girl in school. We,re talking about a figure of inspiration who is a 21st milleinium kid. She started her journey in 2010. Imagine, equipped with a long life and these magnificent traits, the kind of success and accolades which are waiting for her tires to swoosh them by. She advises everyone to always follow your heart. Set an aim and tirelessly work towards it. The most essential philosophy which works is to not allow anyone else to take decisions for you, as the steering wheel works best when they are guided by your hands.
“I’m always self motivated and a happy person. I try to stay calm during difficult times and try to find out ways. I meditate and read books which makes me feel much more light and free. I talk to my kart/car during my race and try to stay focused,” Mira explained. Matured, I-can’t -give-up-attitude and serious talent makes Mira a story all youngsters and oldies need to internalise alike.
We at Storified.me salute Mira Erda and hope that the petrol in the engine never goes out.

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